Equal Tee / Reduced Tee Spec.
・All products have gone through heat treatment process that meet the international standard requirements.
・Seamed and seamless Tees from 1/2" to 12" are made from pipe at one-piece forming.
・Large diameter of 14" (included and above) are made from sheet at double-piece welded. 100% RT test can be requested optionally per the international standard.
JIS B 2309 Dimension Chart
JIS B 2309 - Equal Tee
JIS B 2309 - Reduced Tee
JIS B 2309 Table of Specification

JIS B 2312 / 2313 Dimension Chart
JIS B 2312/2313 - Equal Tee
JIS B 2312/2313 - Reduced Tee
JIS B 2312 / 2313 Table of Specification